hong kong food vs furniture

In the world of food versus furniture in Hong Kong, one of my favorite venues has to be Tivo. Tivo is a dining bar, rather than a bar per se, and has a fast following for its good looks, uncomplicated wine list and relaxed atmosphere.

The name ‘tivo’ is short for ‘apertivo’, and the ambiance of this venue is inspired by neighborhood hangouts of Milans many trendy bars. The interiors of Tivo are designed by David Yeo, founder and owner of the Aqua Restaurant Group to which Tivo belongs.  The main features of the interiors are the all veneer pendant lights against a backdrop of glowing back-lit ‘wine shelves’ and an oval centre piece bar with concave sides, inspired by the inside of a wine barrel. I’m convinced it’s the lights and furniture  - and not  the wine – that keeps me coming back!


And when you’re in the mood for food, step into Vivo – the twin sister restaurant to Tivo – which shares the same looks but with an extra emphasis on great Italian cuisine. Bon Apettito!


All credits to the Aqua Restaurant Group website

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jeremy cole

I’m returning to New Zealand design for the day as I’m working on a project where we are considering these absolutely gorgeous ceramic lights by New Zealand designer Jeremy Cole, and I just had to share his designs. Cole creates each and every piece from his New Zealand based studio. His lights are produced in-house with the assistance of a small team of skilled artisans, where Cole physically handcrafts each design, and governs the entire production process. Striking a balance between art and design, he explores the boundary between flora and art.

The aloe blossom, buds and shoots are my absolute favourites.


Especially when hung as a wall sconce!


The white flax


A look at the artist at work


All information and images available from the Jeremy Cole website

hecker guthrie

Based in Melbourne, and under the direction of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie, the studio of Hecker Guthrie is driven by the principles of authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm. The studio’s approach is to create a unique identity for each project and this authenticity resonates not only in the design solution but in the selection of a natural palette of materials and the sharing of knowledge with craftsmen and women. Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie are highly respected representatives of the Australian design community, with several design awards to their name. Their current body of work rests within the hospitality retail and commercial sectors, but it is their residential work that I really love.

One of my personal favorites is this Torresdale Road Residence – its definitely the deer head that does it for me. I could so live here!


Another residential design I am loving is this Greeves Street Residence. It’s the indoor outdoor movement and combination of natural stones and materials that really works for me.


View more of their work on their website. All pic credits from their website.


In the most literal, descriptive sense, AURA makes bed linen and home accessories. It may be strictly true, but it in no way indicates the amount of excitement a mere object can contain. According the Tracie Ellis, the founder of Aura,  the rule of everything she creates is that it should not only appeal to the eye, but provide tactile delight as well. It must feel, as well as look, beautiful. And they look amazing, so I can only imagine how good they must feel.

I just LOVE the bold colorful bed linen – the crosses in jade has my name all over it!


I could definitely do with these pops of colours in my cushions.


Also loving the placements and napkins


Aura is available in various department store stockists in Australia, as well as online.


 In 1999 Eugene Tan, a frustrated Creative Director combined his three passions: photography, surfing and the web.  In the nineties blogs hadn’t evolved yet, but Eugene,  better known as ::uge (yooj), thought he’d provide a nice daily break for his mates to see a bit of surf at work.  The daily updates started flowing more consistently and the first handful of friends became thousands of people logging on from all over the globe. 

The result is Aquabumps – a website and daily email dedicated to early morning beach life. Aquabumps depicts images of waves, surfers (good and bad), swimmers, sunrises and whatever happens in the wee hours down the beach every weekday.  Which beach?  Mostly the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia  (they’re based there) but quite often Hawaii, Tahiti, Maldives, Indonesia and Fiji.

If you’re in need of some daily inspiration, be sure to sign up to their mailing list.


If you’re visiting Sydney the Aquabumps Gallery is based in Bondi


All pics from the Aquabumps website.

great dane

Continuing on the Scandivan theme down under is Great Dane (don’t you just love the name?!). These guys are based in Melbourne and tout themselves as Australia’s eminent purveyor, master, and collector of Scandinavian furniture. Personally chosen and imported by  founder and Director, Anton Assaad, each piece of Great Dane is sourced direct from Scandinavia’s premier design houses and manufacturers. Recognisable and covetable brands include the likes of Hans Wegner, Nisse Strinning, Alvar Aalto and many many more. A must visit for any lover of Scandinavian design.


Pic credits from here and here


It’s interesting to see how pervasive Scandinavian design has become. And while Pond, based in Mosman, Sydney, has an eclectic collection of brands from all over the world, the design and styling of their stores is very much rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics. A neutral white palette (tick), blonde wood accents (tick), and beautifully displayed merchandise (tick tick tick) all merge together perfectly at Pond.

Pond Home stocks, among others, the well know Danish brand Hay, Tom Dixon home accessories and their own Pond collection that has a strong African influence. I assure you, you will not leave the store empty handed!


And if you didn’t already know, the pond fashion store just around the corner will have you looking as chic and stylish as your home.


Pic credits from est magazine

kikki k

As a lover of Scandinavian design and someone who is stationery obsessed it is no wonder that my absolute favorite shop in Australia is Kikki K – a stationery store started by a Swedish native. Honestly, could you get a better combination?!

The beauty of Kikki K lies not only in the gorgeous illustrations, the colors, simplicity, genius-ness (I can go on and on here) of the stationery itself, but equally in the retail spaces and retail merchandising that happens in each store. In true Scandinavian style Kikki K stores are minimal, pared back spaces with lots of white walls and floors, and blonde wood accents. These simple yet stylish spaces really show off the stationery to its best.


But let’s be honest –  even if it was dumped in an ugly pile on a random table I’d still be there rifling through it in delight, because it is quite simply beautiful. I mean look at this home office – working there just seems to serene, so perfectly organized, so wonderfully co-ordinated.


The dreaming collection is the one that I got most carried away with on my last visit….dream, then do!


Pics are from here, here, here and pinterest

food vs furniture

I read this article on Sydney based designer George Livissainais a few months back when it popped up on my food vs furniture radar. The restaurant in question is The Apollo, based in Sydney. The decor is very understated chic and the industrial elements are unexpected at first glance. I just love the raw masonry (which also seems to be in a pastel pallet in this case) offset by the rather refined lighting fixtures and marble counter tops.


Read the full interview and see more of his work here

stuck on mud

I have a real obsession with ceramics, and its just as well that I don’t have enough space to house them all. As a result I spend most of my time starting in adoration and sighing deeply. However, with mud ceramics I think it’s only right that one makes space. Mud is not new to many of house, but it’s certainly never old! It’s the clean lines, the colour choices and definitely the matt exterior and glossy interior that really does it for me.


The pale collection has my name all over it!



Love this dramatic moody setting


pic credits from here, here and mud australias online store