inspiration down under

I saw this gorgeous home featured on bloglovin through Fashion Squad and I just had to share it. I get really excited when I see something that ticks all my interior boxes. Namely a white base palette accented with a singular colour tone in varying shades, this one being shades of brown, and mix of old meets new furniture and accessories.

The home belongs to Kara Rosenlund, a very talented Australian photographer. She not only took the photograph of the horses seen hanging below, but also all the images of her home. Her work is available to see on her website.


Not for everyone, but I simply love animal skulls on walls – must be my African roots taking hold.

downunder2 downunder3

I also spy a white African JuJu hat on the wall – looks just like the one I have. LOVE!


downunder6 downunder8


While this open kitchen is more eclectic than my personal style, I just love the styling of all the ceramics, boards and utensils on the wall.

downunder10 downunder11

Simply gorgeous!

All credits to Fashion Squad and Design Sponge

ikea hacks

You know, whenever I move house or country I become determined that I am not going to buy anything from Ikea. As if I’ve grown up enough and can purchase ‘real’ furniture from somewhere else. Then you look at the Ikea price point against everywhere else and realise why it is so popular.

Recently I’ve seen quite a few articles online, and also came across this website called Ikea Hackers, which have all been about thinking outside the box to update and personalise Ikea pieces to suit your own style and space.

Just look at what has been done with the Bygel Utility Cart and a can of gold spray paint!

ikeahacks ikeahacks2

This Malm chest of drawers has been given serious street cred just by adding simple leather drawer pulls.

ikeahacks3 ikeahacks4

I’ve seen these Expedit bookshelves in homes the world over, but none of them have managed to look this good! Firstly note the very clever hack of the doors along the bottom row, which is actually an art canvas that has been hooked to the shelf.


The simple act of arranging the books by colour makes the display that much more striking.


These plain stools took on a new look with a bit of spray paint…

ikeahacks7 ikeahacks8 ikeahacks9

I’ll definitely be walking around Ikea with a new outlook on my next visit!

pic credits 1 | 2 | 3-4 | 5-6 | 7-9

aquabumps | surfing the city

I spoke of my love for Aquabumps on the blog earlier this year in this article, so I was pleasantly surprised to see my favourite Bondi beach photographer taking on the big apple. Not the kind of island he usually frequents. Having just moved to the New York  and at a complete loss on how to capture the city, I am very pleased that ::uge did it for me! Photography is an art form I have yet to get close to mastering.

uge1 uge2 uge3 uge4 uge5 uge6 uge7 uge8 uge9 uge10 uge11 uge12 uge13

Being the water baby that he is no trip is complete without some beach action – cue a trip to the Hamptons.

uge14 uge15 uge16 uge17 uge18 uge19 uge20

A litte more inspiration, if any was needed, to visit New York.

All pic credits to Aquabumps


Even though we are just starting a scorching summer season over here, it seems that from fashion to furniture autumn/winter catalogues are popping up everywhere. Having said that, I do love perusing the pages of any Bloomingville catalogue! I just love the effortless style that oozes out of the pages, and it seems that everything in the catalogue is just perfect for my home.

Love the raw wood, rustic aesthetic happening here.

bloomingville1 bloomingville2 bloomingville3


Great pops of colour!

bloomingville5 bloomingville6bloomingville8

I’m really into shades of blue at the moment. I’m favouring royal and dark blues for living spaces, and turquoise and mint colours in the kitchen.

bloomingville9bloomingville10 bloomingville11

Don’t forget the metal accents and accessories – the rose gold is stunning! I am all over the round rose gold mirror.


For more inspiration have a look at the full Bloomingville Autumn Winter 2014 Catalogue

light love

Love these new Sbarbino lamps by Vito Nesta. I’m all for design with a sense of humour and so these lights, which look like an old-fashioned shaving brush really tickle my fancy.

lightcrush1 lightcrush2 lightcrush3 lightcrush4

All pic credits from here 

tiny atlas quarterly

Tiny Atlas Quarterly came up on my radar recently thanks to it’s absolutely stunning travel photography. TAQ is a lifestyle travel magazine, which essentially features a mix of travel articles and photography featuring places, portraits, lifestyle shots, food – all relating to travel of course. Anyone that considers themselves a keen traveler needs to sit up and take note!

These awesome pics are from their El Salvador feature


These are a random selection of pictures from their places section


Honestly – inspiration overload! Their favourite stories from the last year have been compiled into a gorgeous book. Definitely worth the purchase. Check it out here.

All credits to Tiny Atlas Quarterly  

concrete jungle fever?

A little bit of green space goes a long way when living in a concrete jungle. I recently read an article on Dezeen where in Ho Chi Minh City  - a pretty crazy busy city - Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed a family home using the buildings as pots in order to plant trees on the roof tops, bringing some much needed greenery to an otherwise densely populated area.




The buildings are arranged around a central courtyard, with few windows at the back to maintain privacy, and large glass doors and windows at the front to maximise daylight and ventilation. “The courtyard and gardens, shaded by trees above, become part of the ground floor living space,” said the architects. “Blurring the border between inside and outside, the house offers a tropical lifestyle that co-exists with nature.”





Love this!!

All pic credits to this Dezeen article

outside inside

At this time of year with beautiful warm weather and perfect blue skies I just don’t cope with apartment living. Having grown up in a house with a garden and a swimming pool, I love to be able to just walk outside – or at the very least to be able to open my home to the outdoors.

I saw the following phrase with the below images of this awesome Danish beach house, which I think sums things up perfectly - My favorite part is being outside, even when we are inside.

outsideinside1 outsideinside2 outsideinside3 outsideinside4 outsideinside5 outsideinside6

Have a great weekend!

pic credits here

brooklyn beauty

This Brooklyn home was featured in Domino magazine and gives me some hope while on the lookout for a place to live. While owning and renting of course offer two very different realities in terms of decor and finishes, it’s good to know there is still potential out there.

It has been decorated in a (beautiful) white palette, with accents of either natural wood pieces or materials such as flowers, art and textiles to add pops of colour throughout the space.

brooklynbeauty2 brooklynbeauty3 brooklynbeauty4 brooklynbeauty5

Am in love with this kitchen table!


pic credits here and here

textile love | artvraat designs

I came across Artvraat Designs on a recent trip to Cape Town and they popped up on my radar again this weekend. They are a proudly South African company with a collection of designer fabrics where the prints are clearly locally inspired.

As someone a little skull obsessed the cow skull pattern is my absolute favourite!

artvraat1  artvraat3


The black and white combination is just up my street!


Their fabric collection makes for beautiful upholstery!


These fabric buckets are so fun and summery – love the idea of them in a kitchen or bathroom, and also in kids rooms.


I’m also madly in love with their hanging planters… imagine a empty white outdoor wall and a few of these strategically placed – gorgeous!

artvraat10 artvraat9

All credits to Artvraat Designs for the use of their images. For more information have a look on their website and facebook page.